Quality control directly supports the other factors of cost, productivity, on-time delivery, and market share. Therefore, all quality standards needed to produce the components of a product and perform its assembly must be specified as per customers' expectations. Global competitive pressures force manufacturing companies to become more customer-oriented and focused in terms of offering higher-quality products and services.Inspection and testing are performed before, during, and after manufacturing to ensure that the quality level of the product is within acceptable design standards.


as inspection is the activity of examining the product or its components to determine if they meet the design standards, testing is a procedure in which the item is observed during operation in order to determine whether it functions properly.

We at Qualimetry Inspections and Management Services (QIMS) envisions leadership in the quality inspection and management of vivid industrial setups worldwide, based on the continuous development and innovation of state of the art testing technologies. Our mission is to be recognized as a world leader in the delivery of best testing solutions. We are committed to meeting customer needs and delivering superior solutions and excellent services at an economical cost, while meeting the highest professional and ethical standards. Read more aboutUs

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Qualimetry Inspections and Management Services (QIMS)

intend to check Industrial activities which ensure that manufactured products, individual components, and multicomponent systems are adequate for their intended purpose.

Inspection and testing are the operational parts of quality control, which is the most important factor to the endurance of any manufacturing company.